Portrait Artist Wanted

Portrait Artist Wanted: Karen Barton Tells Why

Why do People Hire Portraiture Artists?

What drives a person to seek out artist websites with a desire to own the work of art known as a portrait?
In this day of photo-digital magic, what is it that still draws us to the work of a famous portrait artist and why are portrait painters still in demand?  As a contemporary portrait artist it as been my experience that a photograph will never have the personal touch of a painting.  Although software exists that can change the look of a photo into the look of a painting it can still look somewhat mechanical.  To my knowledge, the software available that creates the illusion of artwork can do a passable job on a landscape but because facial features need toFind a portrait artist be very precise in a portrait it will not work as well in a portrait photo.  There is a unique interpretive process that takes place when a portrait artist works.  The image is taken in through the trained artists eyes and appears on the canvas or paper in the way that an artist wants it to be seen.  This process is ancient and is a tribute to the amazing gifts that God has given human beings.  This ability is one of the many attributes that set us apart from any other creature on earth.  Our ability to create beauty calls attention to the fact that we were created in the image and likeness of the Creator of the universe.  I must give credit where credit is due for my ability as a portrait artist for hire.

In the video below you can see some examples of famous artist portraits of women that have been done over the past 500 years and I believe it illustrates well this ancient and amazing ability.

When is a Professional Portrait Artist Wanted?

Painted portraits are personal pieces of art.  Many times it has become a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation in a family and each portrait is a treasured heirloom.  Often a family will traditionally commission a portrait of each child when they reach 2 or 5 or even for High School graduation as a sort of rite of passage or commission a family portrait painting.  I have done many portraits to honor parent’s silver or golden wedding anniversaries. Portrait Artist Wanted In that situation I will usually work from photos taken 25 to 50 years earlier and visually bring the event “back to life” for the couple.  I can’t think of a more personal and affirming gift for adult children to give their parents to celebrate their long term commitment to the marriage that provided a stable home and family.

An artist portrait says “I love you” in so many ways.  It can be a gift  to honor and celebrate years of service in a career, to memorialize someone who has passed on, to keep a beautiful, loving pet in your memory,  or to express your love with original artwork.  A portrait is your answer for just about any occasion for which you need to come up with a meaningful gift.

What makes the gift of a portrait like no other gift?

Portrait Artist WantedI’ve seen the tears shed when a portrait is unveiled.  The receiver of a portrait gift knows this gift was obviously not a last minute trip to the store, but that it was given much thought, planning, and investment, which makes it even more meaningful and touching.  I’ve been told by clients that their portraits would be the first item they would rescue in a house fire.  That is what keeps me painting portraits, and what keeps a portrait painting artist like myself in demand and keeps people showing up at a portrait artist website like this one.

I love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment in the comments section below or contact me to discuss commissioning a portrait for your next special gift.

Portrait Artist Wanted: Karen Barton Tells Why
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Portrait Artist Wanted: Karen Barton Tells Why
What makes a portrait artist wanted in todays world of easy digital photography? Artist Karen Barton explains why the gift of a portrait is so desirable.
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