How to Buy Art Prints: What You Should Know

Curious About How to Buy Art Prints?

Buying art prints can be done easily throughHow to Buy Art Prints many kinds of websites.  There are websites that are commonly referred to as “art print on demand” sites.  These sites include fineartamerica, fineartprintsondemand, and artprintondemand.   These sites make it very easy for anyone who doesn’t know how to buy art prints because they walk you through the process.  There are also other sites that are lesser known for making prints that you can also purchase prints from such as zazzle, deviantart, and pinterest to name a few.

If you have a favorite artist, and if this artist has a website, you should be able to find a link on his or her website that can take you to a place that will explain how to buy art prints of their work.  Most of the kinds of prints you will find in your search to buy art prints will be mass produced offset prints, gicleés and canvas transfers which are made from offset paper prints.

Don’t Want Something Mass Produced?

How to Buy Art Prints

If you instead are looking for limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist, you may need to find a gallery that sells prints of your favorite artist’s work and you may need to contact them through the artists website. Open edition prints are not as expensive as limited edition prints, and there is often a difference in the quality of the prints when printed in mass production as opposed to the quality control of limited edition prints.

Why are Limited Prints More Expensive?

Limited edition prints are more valuable not only becauseHow to Buy Art Prints they are printed from the original artwork and under the artist’s careful supervision.  They also have the original signature of the artist and the value is also based upon the production limit that is put on each edition.  Most signed and numbered limited edition prints are numbered below 250.  The fewer prints that are made, the more valuable each print becomes as a collectors item.  There is also usually a certificate of authenticity that accompanies each print.

Prints of my Artwork

I myself as an artist have produced my own gicleé prints on archival paper for a number of years.  I limit most of my editions to 250 and sign and number each one as I sell or frame them.  I keep track of the numbers as I go and each print has to be as close to the original as possible and I provide a certificate of authenticity with each framed print I sell.  I also use fineartamerica, a print on demand website, for my open edition artwork.  Please visit the “Gallery of Original Art Prints for Sale” page to see a selection of pieces I have made available for purchase as a print.  I hope this has helped.

I’d love to hear from you so if you have any more questions about how to buy art prints please feel free to contact me or leave them in the comment section below.