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Art plays several roles. It can remind you of fond memories, people that you love, and allow you to imagine a place that you have never been. Art transcends time. We still have paintings and portraits that are centuries old, to date. While we may know of artists who lived centuries ago, it may come as a surprise to you that there are modern artists who can create inspiring works as well. One such artist is Karen Barton from Wyoming.

Gold Wrapped

Barton has been a professional modern portrait artist for 37 years and her work can be found in hundreds of private homes as well as public buildings and businesses. Now her work can also be found playing the popular role of a fashion accessory in the form of handmade wire wrapped jewelry.  From the moment this artist laid eyes on these beautiful golden state hologram quarters she knew they would make outstanding and unique gold coin jewelry. Starting with her home state, Wyoming, she began to design gold coin pendants that not only were filled with eye-catching bling but also expressed state pride and a sense of identity for the wearer. Those two qualities combined are what make these quarter necklaces worthy as a gift that is set apart from the norm.

These wire wrapped necklaces are now available for purchase online in a number of states which can be seen below.  Barton will not stop there, but has plans to keep growing her state pendant creations to include every other state. If you have a particular state that isn’t listed yet below but you would like to have made into a wire wrapped necklace please let her know and she will make it a priority.

States are in alphabetical order:

Arizona State Quarters

Montana State Quarters

New Mexico State Quarters

Oklahoma State Quarters

South Dakota State Quarter

South Dakota State Quarters

Texas State Quarters










Utah State Quarters

Wyoming State Quarters






The gold coin necklaces are spectacular. Each coin from every state has icons that are unique to its state. If it is a South Dakota pendant, for example, it has the Mount Rushmore design.  A Wyoming pendant has the bucking horse and rider design, a Montana pendant, a bison skull, and so on. What makes these gold coin jewelry pendants even more dazzling is the fact that light reflects off the holograms. Most people can’t help commenting on their beauty. The holograms enhance the designs by reflecting a rainbow of colors over the identifying embossed illustrations.

The Gold Coin Necklaces for Women are Unique

Barton will craft each state quarter necklace by her own hand. If you buy a coin pendant for yourself and another for your friend, you can be sure that you can trace the uniqueness in each piece. This is not mass production where everybody wears the same item.

You can Choose the Style of Quarter Pendant That You Want

chainsWe all have different senses of style. You can opt for a silver wire wrap or a gold wire wrap on your state quarter jewelry. You also get to choose between a gold and silver chain. Both are 18-inches long and 2 mm thick. The gold chain is Figaro style with delicate gold filled links. The silver is sterling and a snake style.

Montana State QuarterReal coins

All the state jewelry is made from real quarters from the U.S mint. They are then gold plated and the hologram is applied.


The silver and gold wrapped coin necklaces are of utmost quality. The gold plating is pure gold, 24 karats (7 mils). The holograms are also of the highest quality. Despite the fact that each gold coin pendant necklace is slightly unique, as it is wrapped in wire by hand, Barton strives to maintain a consistent quality.

A Piece of Heritage

You will not just be buying a piece of jewelry. You will be buying an heirloom, a valuable item that not only represents your state but also something that generations can treasure.

Reputable Artist

The jewelry is made by a reputable artist. Karen Barton has been an artist for nearly 40 years and you can be sure that she knows her craft. She can be trusted to maintain the quality and consistency of her work. Remember, every coin pendant necklace is crafted by her hands.

Quarter Necklace ReviewsThe coin necklaces for sale have received positive feedback from many of the people that have already bought them. Most of the customers are actually surprised by the fact that the coin pendant they receive looks far much better in reality than the ones they saw in the pictures online. It’s difficult to capture the beauty of these pieces in a photograph.  Better still, the jewelry is affordable. The reviews are glowing, and many have returned to purchase more as gifts for their friends and loved ones.

What are You Waiting For?

Karen Barton’s state jewelry is magnificent by many standards. It is attractive, unique, you get to choose silver or gold wire, it is affordable, made from real state collectible quarters, is of the utmost quality, and Karen wraps each coin pendant by hand. Remember, it carries with it a sense of heritage. As a gift, you won’t have to wonder if it’s recipient is going to be thrilled with it. Don’t put it off. You might miss out on the opportunity to buy the perfect gift for someone you want to honor for graduation, birthday, Christmas, or just because you care. It just takes a few moments to place an order online or contact Karen at karen@karenbarton.com to order or your very own state pendant today.




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