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You may contact Karen Barton sending her an email directly at karen@karenbarton.com or by filling in this form if you would like to start the portrait commission process or have any questions. You can also fill in the form to leave your comments or feedback.  If you are located near Karen Barton’s studio in Buffalo, Wyoming please feel free to make an appointment to meet her in person.

Karen Barton Contact Form

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Contact Karen BartonThank you for contacting Karen Barton!   There are some other ways to get in touch with Karen Barton.  Her Facebook Fan Page is located here.  Please feel free to like her page and engage with her on there.  She also has a Pinterest account which can be found here so you can like and re-pin her pins.  You can follow her on Twitter and check out her Tumblr blog as well.    So, as you can see there are plenty of ways to stay on top of all of the latest from Karen Barton!

Karen Barton Contact Form
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Karen Barton Contact Form
Please Contact Karen Barton by filling out this simple form and Karen Barton will get back to you at her earliest convenience.
Karen Barton