Cat Portrait Artists

Cat Portrait Artists? Do They Exist?

Cat portrait artists?  Do they exist?  What kinds of people need a pet portrait artist?  Are there such artists out there who paint cat portraits exclusively?

If you have a cat and you love your cat,Cat Art chances are you have more than one beloved cat.  You would love to immortalize these amazing sweethearts on your wall.  You believe it to be a worthy investment and you are the kind of person who would look an artist that would do pet portraits from photos.  Am I right?

Pet Portrait Artists May Go By Another Name

There might exist an artist who is an expert cat portrait painter.  Truly, if an artist can paint cats as realistically so as to prompt the viewer to reach out and touch Garfield’s soft orange fur, this artist can paint many other subjects as well.  This artist is not going by the title of cat portrait artist.  You might do well to search for an artist who can paint wildlife.  Pet portrait artists might also go by the title of “wildlife artist”.  I think I can safely say that most domestic animals have the same fur and physical features of wild animals.  Often artists who paint domestic animals will call themselves pet artists.   Many accomplished portrait artists like myself can tackle painting a cat with great success.  I have  painted a number of cats in my career that have turned out very well but instead of going by “cat artist” I simply go by the title of “portrait artist” because I do so much more than just animals.

Capturing a Cat’s Personality in a Work of Art

I am sure you know, as a cat lover, that each cat has it’s own personality.  Having a pet portrait on your wall of your cat can remind you of the fun times he or she added to your life.  Some cats are wildly entertaining.  I’m sure you’ve seen some of the numerous videos on YouTube showing the intrinsic entertainment value of a cat. Here we can see an example of that in the video below.

Some cats are more aloof and distant.  They are the ones who don’t seem very tame, but will crawl on your lap for a nap if they are sure it was completely their own idea.

Everyone Thinks Their Cat is Special.  I’m no Exception.

Our cat Norman (after Norman Bates in Psycho) was the independent type. He was part Siamese and part orange tabby.  Norman could be very affectionate and suddenly attack his object of affection with claws and teeth. My husband, Bill, who was not a cat lover had agreed to pick him up from a box of free kittens in front of Walmart one day to help us with the mouse population which was invading our home on the ranch.   Right from the start Norman proved to be a great hunter.  This quality, as well as Norman’s preference for his lap, endeared Bill to the first and only cat he had ever loved… or even liked for that matter.  We haven’t had another cat since because I don’t like litter boxes and my son who is allergic would consider it a personal offence if we did.

Posing your Feline for a Pet Portrait Painting

It’s impossible to get a cat to sit still long enough for a pet artist to be able to crate a good cat painting so most artists, like myself, would prefer to work from a good photo. Pet paintings from photos turn out much better.  Getting most cats to pose for a photo reference session presents it’s challenges as well but overall it is much easier that photographing a two year old in the park.  Lighting is the most important element of a successful portrait.  Posing your cat beside a window with the afternoon light beaming Pet Portraits pencil by Artist Karen Bartonin on his soft kitty fur is an ideal goal.  A handful of treats will keep him from darting away in a typical cat-like manner.  Moving a toy or even a flashlight beam will get your feline to look where you want his eyes to focus and keep his ears forward.  Most cats are easy and fun to manipulate into doing what you need them to do for a good photo.  Pretty pillows are nice for him to recline or sit on, but make sure that they and the backgrounds you choose are a contrasting value to the color of the kitty.  White needs black or dark colors behind it, whereas a black cat should be surrounded in white or pastel colors.

I Love Doing Custom Pet Paintings

Pets are enjoyable subject matter for me to paint.Custom Pet Portraits by Artist Karen Barton  I don’t actively pursue pet portrait paintings exclusively, but they are fun, I can do them well,  and I never turn down an opportunity to paint a beloved pet.  The medium of pastel is especially awesome for animal fur.  It is easy to blend and soften for the look of soft fluffy fur.  But cat oil paintings also have a timeless look.  If you have a pet you want to remember ’til you die, let’s get this beautiful creature’s likeness in a frame on your wall!  It’s also a great gift idea.  Just give me a call or email today!

Cat Portrait Artists?  Do They Exist?
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Cat Portrait Artists? Do They Exist?
Looking for cat portrait artists? You will find what you looking for in Karen Barton. Although she doesn't go by the title of "cat portrait artist" she is highly skilled at portraits of any kind... including cat portraits.
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